Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How to Download Safely Software & Games On googles

The Internet is a sanctuary of downloadable freebies, ranging from movies, videos, music and various programs. Unfortunately, it can also be harmful, because many malicious applications are found in it. If you are not careful, you could inadvertently download a harmful program that will pose threat to your personal security and your system. Bear in mind these downloading security hints.

What You Will Need:

* Internet browser

* Upgraded downloading software

* Virus scan applications

* Anti-malware/spyware app

Check the Website

The website where you receive the download can signal whether the files are safe or not. Make certain it's a reputable site, before you start downloading from file hippo. Pay careful attention to the beginning if the address, the part following the http:// and prior to the .com/,edu/.org. Examine the URL bar found at the top of the browser window, and see if the address shown coincides with the current page you're on. If the page fits the title, you're all set.

Examine the Document

In a glance, you can determine whether the document you receive will be detrimental or not. Before you click "OK" and start the downloading procedure, look at the file extension, the three letters which follow the program's name. The most common and dangerous ones are .scr, .vbs, .exe and .com. If you see that the file you are about to get has these extensions, better cancel the process. These may be dangerous.

Keep Your Virus Scan Program Active All The Time

This can be crucial, however a lot of individuals underestimate this software. Always keep it active whether or not you're intending to download. Whenever you're downloading files , either from a site or from the email, the document automatically goes through your virus scanning software, and it decides whether the file is secure or not. Should you always download files which open directly in MS Word, this is very important.

Boost Your Browser Protection

Most browsers, like Internet Explorer or Firefox, have security protection built inside them, which may ideally stop a lot of threats that come from downloading. As much as you can, increase this security protection. From time to time, there are horrible tricks and malicious applications hidden in web pages which you don't immediately see. Your security programs block these, making sure you're secure to download all of the time for go to & Games Download For Go to

For the full guide on protected downloading.